Daewon Seo

At ST Francis 

Daewon Seo
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host: Prof. Kangwook Lee

Welcome to my personal website.

My research interests lie in theory of deep learning, information theory, and statistical inference. Main analysis tools are from Information Theory and Statistics.

Please see the list of publications about my research and feel free to contact me.


dseo24 [at] wisc [dot] edu

Recent News

  • (Mar. 2020) Paper "Classes of Full-Duplex Channels With Capacity Achieved Without Adaptation" accepted to IEEE Transactions on Communications

  • (Jan. 2020) Paper "Concentration and Position-Based Hybrid Modulation Scheme for Molecular Communications" accepted to IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

  • (Jan. 2020) Joined Prof. Kangwook Lee's group at UW-Madison as a postdoc