Daewon Seo

At ST Francis 

Daewon Seo
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host: Prof. Kangwook Lee

Welcome to my personal website.

Broadly, I am interested in theoretic aspects of machine learning systems. Main analysis tools are from Information Theory and Statistics, but, I am always willing to learn any interesting tools.

Please see the list of publications about my research and feel free to contact me.


dseo24 [at] wisc [dot] edu

Recent News

  • (Jan. 2020) Paper "Concentration and Position-Based Hybrid Modulation Scheme for Molecular Communications" accepted to IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

  • (Jan. 2020) Joined Prof. Kangwook Lee's group at UW-Madison as a postdoc

  • (Sep. 2019) Joined Prof. Urbashi Mitra's group at USC as a postdoc